May 10, 2011

Wednesday May 11, 2011


The Powerhouse
1347 Folsom
San Francisco, CA

Dear Friends,

This month the Bright Young Gentlemen's Adventuring to come together and celebrate the admission into the Union of that most gentlemanly of states, Minnesota.

Minnesota; land of good manners and 10,000 lakes, and homeland of our very own Gentleman Opdahl, is turning 153(!!!) and we will celebrating with an evening of respecting our elders, flannel clad go-go boys, and home-made hotdish.

Flier byt the fabulous Felix d'Eon.

GWYA: I don't know if it is the dark back alley, or the porn on the ceiling. Oh! always proves to be a fabulous night. Come out and pay homage to your Elders <3<3<3

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