May 15, 2011

Thursgay May 19, 2011

Dial Up: Shampoo and Condition Edition

Public Works SF
161 Erie St.
San Francisco, CA

Hello, party fouls!! Your favorite Thursday night monthly is baaaaack with a WOOOOF!

This time we're getting wet and furry with our theme, it's the SHAMPOO AND CONDITION EDITION! It's RJ's birthday, and, the birthday boy gets whatever he wants, so, we've lined up some East Coast bearded guest DJ's, fuzzy dancers, and, a night for you to WASH THAT MAN RIGHT OUTTA YOUR HAIR.

Residents RJ (Viennetta Discotheque) and Dr. Sleep (Dirty ...Talk) are joined by *****VERY SPECIAL GUESTS*** DJ Dandylion (NYC, Marinate) and DJ Mark Loque (PTown, Fagbash). Hosts Tim and Jorge (Hard French) joined by ***GUEST HOST*** Bearron ( are about to let the fur fly!

**************More info about our GUESTS!****************

***Mark Louque, a.k.a. ‘SuperBear’, is a DJ/producer from Lutcher, Louisiana. He moved to New York in 2001 to study audio production which led him to work with designers creating runway soundscapes for the city’s famed Fashion Week. Mark went on to play clubs and bars in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Berlin, Boston, Rio, Barcelona, and Provincetown where he is currently resides. His bi-weekly radio show and podcast ‘The Crave Club’ is broadcast worldwide. Mark’s musical stylings range from italo-disco to minimal house, and his weekly party ‘Fag Bash’ features obscure nu-wave sounds mixed with new beat, funk, and space disco.

***DJ Dandylion began DJing in Tennessee and at full-moon Hawai'i gatherings 8 years ago with his community in mind. After moving to San Francisco, he threw a defining party, SPINTUITION, which has since become his website’s moniker and premise for all further conceptions. Upon moving to Portland, he guested at Booty and threw Vas-o-line, IT, & Butt Spread. In late 2008, Dandy moved to Brooklyn in order to raise the bar, step up and fine-tune the craft of sound design. In New York, off and running with the incarnation of the party, COINSLOT, migrating and evolving into his current Eastern Bloc monthly, MARINATE, every 2nd Sunday. Other recent guestings include Rocket and Good Times (NYC), Booty Call and Art Attack/Supper Club (SF), and Delicious (PDX). Always high on concept, Marinate is a "Boutique Jukebox" with a freeform music platform, & talented guest. Dj Dandylion specializes in primetime dancefloor 4x4 focusing on tech house and acid funky disco.

If you haven't already subscribed to our text messages, text "DIALUP" to 347-809-6872, to stay in the loop for this month's party!!

We have a bunch of surprises lined up for this, STAY TUNED!

$5, 10pm, house/techno/disco, Oddjob Loft at Public Works

GWYA: Have you subscribed to get your Dial Up text yet!? Well gurl, if you like to drink and party for free you should send Dial Up a text now! Dial Up is always giving away Gaymazing promotions for free drinks or free entry. And did I mention the music is F A B U L O U S ! No really, it's ridiculously good! Hot Queers + Gaymazing Beats = Dial Up <3<3<3


San Francisco, CA

Ships in the Night

Thursday, May 19th
@Underground SF
424 Haight St. at Webster

DJ’s Black, Durt, plus special guest: DJ Ryan!!!

Special black party: dress in yr finest black attire and celebrate DJ BLACK'S BIRTHDAY!!! It's a Double Taurus Birthday Party with Queer Rebels (Celeste).


Raffle benefiting Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance, part of the National Queer Arts Festival in June. Check out: AND

Drinks poured by the lovely and talented Shari and Katie Duck


all the best booty jamz, babes, n dance moves on the floor. tell yr friends!!!

GWYA: Ships in the Night is always a Queer Extravaganza of Booty Shaking, Drip Sweating, Dark Grinding, Lips Kissing, Babeness! Wear your best dancing shoes cause you are going to need them. Fly Queer Babes, Fresh Beats, and endless oppurtunities <3<3<3

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