May 28, 2011

Sungay June 19, 2011


The Holy Cow
1535 Folsom near 11th
San Francisco, CA

Dance floor for dancers, soundsystem for lovers

GWYA: So Pride Week starts N O W ! I've been drinking lots of water and trying to sleep at least 8 hours a night (ok it's been more like 4 hours, but thats what Farm:Table Almond Milk Lattes are for). I hope you got your looks together cause it all starts R I G H T N O W ! <3<3<3

Saturgay June 18, 2011

The Powerhouse
1347 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA

You can start dieting for Pride AFTER our party, because we're serving you every cut of MEAT imaginable at BEATPIG! Protein's good, right?

Juanita's San Francisco's CROWN ROAST.
Sidekick's ROLLED BUTT is primed for spankings.
Walter's just a tub of LARD.

HAM it up for Allen Jordan's lens.

We'll have BACON-wrapped gogos and bruised (not really) SPARERIBS after our bondage demo!

I'm out of puns, so just swing by and have the cheapest/strongest drinks in SoMa with the dirtiest/chicest crowd in SF! The music's out of this world, btw...

$5 benefits The Transgender Law Center.

GWYA: This post for Beat Pig was quite clever. So, I'm going to go the other direction... Come out tonight it's going to be fun. I'm going to be wearing very little. Queers, Beers, and Rears <3<3<3

Frigay June 17, 2011

MARRY SOME THING- VivvyAnne's Wedding!

The Stud
399 9th St
San Francisco, CA 94103-3831
10:00pm -2:00am


Put on your favorite tux, or bridesmaid dress (there is a ugliest bridesmaid contest), bring a gift, and get ready to celebrate the holiest of sanctimonies WEDDINGS!

with the wedding Party:
VivvyAnne ForeverMORE! - Bride
Glamamore- Mother of the Bride
Stanley Frank Sensation- Best Man
Lily Taylor - Bridesmaid
Honey Mahogany - Bridesmaid
Kiddie - Bridesmaid
Tina Benez - Bridesmaid
Alexis Blair Penney - Bridesmaid
Beff Amphetamine- Bridesmaid thing.

Ben McCoy- Officiant

Mona G Hawd
Elijah Minnelli
Lil Miss Hot Mess
Oxana Olsen
Lily Taylor
Ben Mccoy
Beth Amphetamine
April Mei Joon

Kelly Lovemonster
Nikki Sixx Mile
Jerry Lee

with dj down-E and miss pop and dj Peeplay (HNY) as the wedding singers
and Hot Gloo as the Wedding Planner

GWYA: Ok, so my gurl is getting M A R R I E D ! She's marrying the NIGHT LIFE! That's you friends! So you have to be there. You wouldn't want to miss your own wedding. I'll be a groomsmen, or something as close to that as I can get. Queer Wedding, a GAYMAZING DRESS, and lots of alcohol <3<3<3

Thursgay June 16, 2011

Dial UP with GO BANG!

Public Works
161 Erie St.
San Francisco, CA

Dial Up is super excited to celebrate Pride month with one of our favorite parties: Go BANG!

Go BANG! resident DJs: Sergio, Steve Fabus and Stanley Frank will be joining the Dial Up crew for an exceptionally fun night of getting crazy as fuck on the dancefloor. Stay tuned for more details!

If you haven't already done so, be sure to text dialup (one word) to 760-670-3130 to get on our text message list. We'll send you really amazing texts in the weeks leading up to the party mostly about how to get free drinks and guest list spots.

Thursday 6/16 (and every 3rd Thursday)
Hosts: Tim and Jorge (Hard French)
Resident DJ's: Robert Jeffrey (Viennetta), Dr. Sleep (Dots and Loops Radio, Dirty Talk)
Upstairs in The Odd Job Room at Public Works
161 Erie St.

GWYA: It's time for the June Edition of Dial Up. Last month's party was absolutely GAYMAZING and this month's party is going to be no exception. I hope you are ready to drip sweat y'all. Fly Queers, Heavy Base, and Stiff Drinks <3<3<3

Wednesgay June 15, 2011


El RIo
3158 Mission St

A show in the mission district with Double Duchess! El Rio – a neighborhood bar that supports LGBTQ artists. Check out there website,

June 15 w/ Double Duchess

Double Duchess is a duo from San Francisco with influences ranging from queer boys and girls around the world, milkshakes, dancing, looking absolutely fabulous, watching Paris is Burning ect... Check out there facebook page,

GWYA: OMGAY! I hope y'all are ready for a show of E P I C propotions. Double Duchess making you sweat it out fo'realz!

Tuesgay June 14, 2011


San Francisco, California

wild, wistful and weird house music
with your hostesses

at the gate

at the drink

Aunt Charlie's Lounge
133 Turk (@ Taylor)

10PM, $2, 21+

GWYA: Ok, is anyone else as into this High Fantasy Flyer as I am. It's so magical, besides the poing I'm going to be officially on Summer Break tomorrow! Let's have a cocktail tomorrow. Hot Queers, Summer Vacation, and every drink is a double <3<3<3

Saturgay June 11, 2011


Underground SF
424 Haight St,
San Francisco,CA

Series Finale of Mall Madness
With all your favorite MM performers!
Glamour Shots by Casey Held

A night of BubbleGum Pop.

GWYA: I know I said I wasg going to spend the night in, and I need to take a Glamour Shot Picture! Cute Queers, 90s Pop, and GLAMOUR SHOTS! <3<3<3


456 Castro

13 Licks during the day? YEP! Saturday, June 11th 4-9pm

As a proud sponsor of the Dyke March 2011, 13 Licks wants to do more to help! What better way to raise money than throw a Daytime PARTAY! Everything you love about Tuesday nights will be happening but while the sun is shining!
This will be a day to remember. Or not… ☺

...Sometimes you just need to Rock the F*CK out, drink some cold beer, sip some whiskey and chop it up with your Homies!
Nothing suits a Saturday afternoon better!

We’ll have a SICK Motorcycle backdrop set up in the back room -
CLOSET RIOTS aka Miss Jenna Riot will be owning the camera and documenting your hotness.

The amazing and talented Keep Drowning will be in the house!! YES!

DJ Line-up:
Natalie Nuxx (13Licks, Cockblock)
Rapid Fire (Stay Gold)
Stanley Frank (Vienetta Discotheque)

$15 bucks gets you all you can drink beer for 5 hours!!
100% of the beer bust proceeds goes directly to SF DYKE MARCH!!
2 for 1 happy hour
Snacks on Snacks provided!!

Partying to raise money.. What a brilliant idea.

GWYA: Who doesn't love the DYKE MARCH!? And who doesn't like a BEER BUST!? And just in case the first two things didn't sell you, Stanley Frank is one of my favorite DJ's in SF. So come OUT, SUPPORT a GAYMAZING CAUSE, and DRINK ABOUT IT <3<3<3

Frigay June 10, 2011

Shame Spiral

Public Works
161 Erie at Mission (between Duboce & 14th)
San Francisco, CA

do you even remember the last SHAME SPIRAL?
you should be very ashamed...

this crazed dance party is for insane lezzies, trippin' gay boys, your drunk roommate, 3-beer-queers & that straight girl you like to try and make out with.

friday june 10th
9pm to 3am

this DJ line up will make your edible undies dissolve...


faux-rave, legit dance-insanity.

only $5 before 10pm.
doors at 9, party til 3am.

shame spiral = poppers. drunk dial. shots on shots.
fingerblast. neon face paint. secret single behavior.


GWYA: The lineup for this party is kind of B A N A N A S ! Richie Panic, Pee Play, and Juanita Moore all in the same room! Oh, and did I mention the Hard French Jiggalicious Dance Babes will also be making an appearance. If you are ready for a night for of excess, loud music, and hot queer babes Shame Spiral is your event <3<3<3

Wednesgay June 8, 2011


1347 Folsom between 9th and 10th @ Dore
San Francisco, California

The Bright Young Gentlemen's Adventuring Society cordially invites you to join us for a sophisticated evening of decadence and debauchery.

Hosted by...
Kevin Cheeseman
Charles Hemphill
Danimal Oh
and Brenden Shucart

With the Musical Stylings of...
DJ Robert Jeffrey
and DJ Taco Tuesday

Flier Image...
Felix d'eon (

Graphic Design...
Stephen Quinones

GWYA: It's time for another edition of the Dirty Young Gentlemen's, I mean the Bright Young Gentlemen's Adventuring Society. It's Wednesgay and you're looking for a cute boy to take home. You'll find him here, P R O M I S E. Hot Queer Boys, Porn on the Ceiling, and a Dirty Back Room <3<3<3

Tuesgay June 7, 2011

High Fantasy

San Francisco, California

"You take me in
No questions asked
You strip away the ugliness
That surrounds me
Are you an angel?"


with your girls

at the gates

at the drink


every Tuesday
Aunt Charlie's Lounge
133 Turk (@ Taylor)

10PM, $2, 21+

GWYA: I don't know about you friends, but I'm ready to dance about it. I feel the queer love and magic in the air. Stiff drinks, Sexy Bartenders, and the Cutest DJ's in the TL <3<3<3

May 27, 2011

Saturgay June 4, 2011


El Rio
3158 Mission Street,
San Francisco,
CA 94110

a saturday afternoon soul music dance party
June 4th, 2pm– 8pm
$7 – dancing and cruising
3pm – 4pm: $1 beers
...3pm – 5pm: free BBQ until its all gone!

GWYA: I have so many E X T R A O R D I N A R Y things to say about this party, and I won't. I mean if you haven't been to a Hard French yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! HARD Cruising HARD dancing and HARD french kissing <3<3<3

DJ Carnita & DJ Brown Amy
playing the 60s girl groups, early ’70s soulful funk, boogaloo, garage & Northern Soul stompers

special guest Jackie Sugarlumps (Web of Sound)

Hard French Jiggalicious Dance Club
Babes shakin it down and making you move
Hard French Photo Booth hosted by Courtney Trouble.

DJs on the patio. Hard Dancing. Hard Cruising.
--To help reduce the line El Rio will be opening the door at 2pm (the music still starts at 3), setting up a bar in the back room and providing a $1 coat check--


Hard French Hearts Lost Homos Pride 2011
Don't forget to get your tickets to the unbeatable, unstoppable, Hard French Pride extravaganza! Be VIP and buy your Pre-Sale tickets:

Hard French is excited to have FritO Boats from 5pm onward! Making its debut at GO DEEP! and rapidly becoming an El Rio favorite, GinO recreates a childhood snack bar treat & turns it into a masterpiece of gourmet, homemade tasty vegetarian chili, piled high atop your own bag of FritO's, smothered in cheese & chopped onions--served with a spoon & lOve! It doesn't get much better than this!

Frigay June 3, 2011

PARTY HOLE!!!!!!! ~Pride Kickoff Hoedown~

2183 Mission Street
San Francisco, California

Surprise!! Party Hole is back pussy poppin' on a handstand!

Jiggles and BootyKlap are calling all sexxxy slutty queers to kick off pride month with a BANG.

You'll hear things you've never heard before and hopefully someone will show you something nassty you've never seen before so cum with an open mind and an open zipper!

*Bmore club, baile funk, reggaeton, dancehall, cumbia, hip hop, dutch house, moombahton, nola bounce, dubstep*

We'll have a new batch of music videos on the screen for divine sinspiration on the dancefloor.


Also check out us out at the Hard French Pride Party June 26th!!

GWYA: It's Pride Month! And you need to get your body into shape for all the partying you are going to be doing the weekend of June 24th. Come out and practice your dance skills at Party Hole. Hot Babes dancing to Loud Booty Bass Music <3<3<3

Mongay May 30, 2011

Rock n Roll Highschool Dropout!!!!!!
The Big Gay Warehouse
250 industrial
San Francisco, CA

Tired of Reading boring History books? Sick of tedious math problems? Over staring at your Teachers Lifeless Attire?

Wanna listen to Rock n Roll all day??!??! Do you wanna dance all night?




DJING DIrty Dance Jamzz

DJ AUNT CANDY (Kandis da redhead in sequinns doin high kicks)



get your rocks off!

Wear your shittiest leather
cause Hannah Cairns will be taking your PHOTOZZ

ALSO tell your friends! bring a date! dress up as your highschool sweetheart or your ideal highschool persona and or just dress as yr favorite rock n roll highschool charactor WHATEVER???

$5 at the door and no one turned away for lack of fundzz
FREE PIZZA if you get there early enough

GWYA: This is going to be a party of E P I C proportions. The Big Gay Warehouse is a magical place, and their events are always G R A N D <3 Sexy Queers, Sexy Queer Bands, and one of the Sexiest Photographers in all of SF taking your pictures <3<3<3

May 25, 2011

Sungay May 29, 2011


1347 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94103-3830

Can you believe we been doing this for a year?

What else do you do on Memorial Day than hang out with your favorite non-specific animally metaphored mixed crowd of rock n rollers and boozers of all feather?

Chickenbear calls to all those who are not quite chickens though definitely not fully beared, are you a uni-lizard? a geccohare? a sluticorn?

Rock your early evening into night with the classic rock stylings of Dirty Knees, and gagggle and gape at the feral gogo contest, winner gets $100


GWYA: Where else can you be a uni-lizard?! This event celebrates any Queer individual whose gender identity is clearly a lot more complex then bear. Stiff drinks, porn on the ceiling and some person being tied up, hung, and then flogged! Sounds good to me <3<3<3

Saturgay May 28, 2011


The Hot Spot
1414 Market Street
San Francisco, CA

Dark Room returns on 5.28 to take turns whipping, I mean beating, erggg... I mean giving FAUX KING some hot birthday spankins for his birthday.

Installment #5 features Phatima lubricating you from 10-11, and Le Perv sticking it to ya good. special guest DJ KIDDIE. KELLY LOVEMONSTER returns!

As always, the fuckin sexy Rusty Nails shows you who's boss
Vintage Punk, Gothic, Industrial, DARK electro and MORE...

In the works: DJ Fact 50, Moira Scar & Total Accomplishment booked for JULY

$2 PBR & $3 Jameson Shots (or with Ginger Ale)
Featuring "FREAKS" in the Cutters Lounge and
Show your love to Faux King at the door, he'll give you a custom DARK ROOM pin and possibly his number (she's a tramp)

Visuals & Custom Video Installments by your hosts.

GWYA: I don't know if you know, but I'm so witchhouse right now! This isn't a witchhouse party, but if you are into Goth, Punk Rocks, and Queers this party is for you <3<3<3 PS I'm making an extra sexy special appearance this night <3

May 23, 2011

Frigay May 27, 2011


Pride Night - Private Event
May 27
6pm - 2am
$40.00 - $55.00

A private party with rides, dancing and a chance to meet both new and old friends. Featuring performances by: Robyn, Dev and the Cataracs, and DJ Hector Fonseca


From San Francisco: US 101 south to Great America Parkway exit (45 mi/72km); From San Jose: US 101 north to Great America Parkway exit (3mi/5km); From Oakland: I-880 south to 237, then west to Great America Parkway exit (45mi/72km); From Sacramento: I-80 west to I-680 south; then Highway 237 west to Great America Parkway exit (142mi/229km).

GWYA: Picture this, you and all your queer homies at a theme park cruising hot babes, drinking beers, riding crazy roller coasters, and going to a Robyn concert. If that isn't a formula for a G A Y M A Z I N G evening, I don't know what is <3<3<3

Wednesgay May 25, 2011


Public Works SF
161 Erie St St (Mission btwn 14th/Duboce)
San Francisco, CA

Calling all homos, queers, ladies, gents, sissies, faggots, dandies, butches, bois, daddies, queers, lezzies and gays…

STAY GOLD is at Public Works!

and we are ready to TURN. IT. OUT

Residents Djs Pink Lightning and Rapid Fire
GUEST DJ: Nolita Selector (Fruitcake)
& JUST ADDED: TACO TUESDAY (OH! at the powerhouse)

Party Pics: Hannah Cairns
Door Mistress: Caitlin Sweet

$3 gay dollars before 11pm/$5 gay dollars after 11pm

** decorations!
** dance floor suprises
** DRINK SPECIALS: $2 rapid fire shot before 11pm, $3 pink lightning cocktail & $3 hamms all night

its hot, sweaty and waiting for you to grind on it.

GWYA: I love Stay Gold! And now that it's at Public Works it's BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER <3 Sexy Queers, Drink Specials, and that music that will make you DRIP SWEAT <3

Tuesgay May 23, 2011


Lexington Club
3464 19th St. (near Valencia)


Get your Tuesday night started right at the Lexington Club!

Head over from 8:45-9 for penny shots, that's right, one shiny penny!
A different shot each week, designed and mixed for you with love and spice by your day bartender AMY.
And stay on with your night bartender KAT, serving up two-for-one-beers and two-for-one mixed drinks from 9-10!

Come early, stay late and bring a pal, because you know you're gonna need an extra hand or two!

GWYA: Did you hear Tuesgay is the new Frigay? Come out and start you weekend right! Hot Queers, a Bangin Juke Box, and Hella Cheap Drinks <3<3

May 21, 2011

Sungay May 22, 2011

Honey SoundSystem

The Holy Cow
1535 Folsom near 11th
San Francisco, CA

All the photos of Swim Team Steve
we can't show you on Facebook
Honey Soundsystem discaires all night
Major outdoor patio
$4 Honey Punch
$8 Campeon Tequilla + Corona

GWYA: It's the day after the Rapture and you got left behind. Don't fret, dance about it. Sexy Queer Babes, Cheap Cocktails, and some Sweet Sounds all up in your ear hole <3<3<3

May 16, 2011

Saturgay May 21, 2011

FRUI†CAKE: A '†he Craft' movie †hemed queer dance party!

399 9th St.
San Francisco, CA
9pm- 3am!!!

Light as a feather, stiff as a board! We're calling on all four corners and the power of Manon for the next edition of FRUI†CAKE! It's about to get real '90s teen witch up in The Stud and we want to see those badass "goth school girl" outfits! Dare meeting us on the middle of the pentagram a.k.a. the dance floor where the seance magick will be happening!

& Fat Transfer

Nolita Selector
Gstar (Hella Gay Oakland)
playing all the jamz!

5 bux

GWYA: So, this is the week is officially the week of black eyeliner and goth! Fruit Cake the Craft Edition is going to be a Queer Witchy affair. Nolita always brings the hottest beats and the QUEER BABES at this party are magical sight to see. Gaymazing music, Hot Queer Babes, Hella Stiff Drinks! And who doesnt like partying till 3am!!! <3<3<3

May 15, 2011

Frigay May 20, 2011


The Stud
399 9th St
San Francisco, CA 94103-3831

It's PROM season! Get your limo reservations, order your corsages and dust off those tux tales.

No seriously, it's a PROM. Put on your best Prom dress, your favorite bow tie, invite a date and get ready for the SLOW DANCES.....

with guest hostess
Katya Smirnoff-Skyy

and our Lovely Cast:

Katya Smirnoff-Skyy
Miss Rahni
Ben McCoy
Martha T. Lipton
Thugsy the Clown
Ethel Merman

and many more!

Chaperoned by Dean Disaster and Nikola

with dj down-E

GWYA: I mean who doesnt want to go to a Gay Prom! FABULOUS fashion! The punch will be SPIKED! And Everyone is a QUEEN!!! <3<3<3

Thursgay May 19, 2011

Dial Up: Shampoo and Condition Edition

Public Works SF
161 Erie St.
San Francisco, CA

Hello, party fouls!! Your favorite Thursday night monthly is baaaaack with a WOOOOF!

This time we're getting wet and furry with our theme, it's the SHAMPOO AND CONDITION EDITION! It's RJ's birthday, and, the birthday boy gets whatever he wants, so, we've lined up some East Coast bearded guest DJ's, fuzzy dancers, and, a night for you to WASH THAT MAN RIGHT OUTTA YOUR HAIR.

Residents RJ (Viennetta Discotheque) and Dr. Sleep (Dirty ...Talk) are joined by *****VERY SPECIAL GUESTS*** DJ Dandylion (NYC, Marinate) and DJ Mark Loque (PTown, Fagbash). Hosts Tim and Jorge (Hard French) joined by ***GUEST HOST*** Bearron ( are about to let the fur fly!

**************More info about our GUESTS!****************

***Mark Louque, a.k.a. ‘SuperBear’, is a DJ/producer from Lutcher, Louisiana. He moved to New York in 2001 to study audio production which led him to work with designers creating runway soundscapes for the city’s famed Fashion Week. Mark went on to play clubs and bars in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Berlin, Boston, Rio, Barcelona, and Provincetown where he is currently resides. His bi-weekly radio show and podcast ‘The Crave Club’ is broadcast worldwide. Mark’s musical stylings range from italo-disco to minimal house, and his weekly party ‘Fag Bash’ features obscure nu-wave sounds mixed with new beat, funk, and space disco.

***DJ Dandylion began DJing in Tennessee and at full-moon Hawai'i gatherings 8 years ago with his community in mind. After moving to San Francisco, he threw a defining party, SPINTUITION, which has since become his website’s moniker and premise for all further conceptions. Upon moving to Portland, he guested at Booty and threw Vas-o-line, IT, & Butt Spread. In late 2008, Dandy moved to Brooklyn in order to raise the bar, step up and fine-tune the craft of sound design. In New York, off and running with the incarnation of the party, COINSLOT, migrating and evolving into his current Eastern Bloc monthly, MARINATE, every 2nd Sunday. Other recent guestings include Rocket and Good Times (NYC), Booty Call and Art Attack/Supper Club (SF), and Delicious (PDX). Always high on concept, Marinate is a "Boutique Jukebox" with a freeform music platform, & talented guest. Dj Dandylion specializes in primetime dancefloor 4x4 focusing on tech house and acid funky disco.

If you haven't already subscribed to our text messages, text "DIALUP" to 347-809-6872, to stay in the loop for this month's party!!

We have a bunch of surprises lined up for this, STAY TUNED!

$5, 10pm, house/techno/disco, Oddjob Loft at Public Works

GWYA: Have you subscribed to get your Dial Up text yet!? Well gurl, if you like to drink and party for free you should send Dial Up a text now! Dial Up is always giving away Gaymazing promotions for free drinks or free entry. And did I mention the music is F A B U L O U S ! No really, it's ridiculously good! Hot Queers + Gaymazing Beats = Dial Up <3<3<3


San Francisco, CA

Ships in the Night

Thursday, May 19th
@Underground SF
424 Haight St. at Webster

DJ’s Black, Durt, plus special guest: DJ Ryan!!!

Special black party: dress in yr finest black attire and celebrate DJ BLACK'S BIRTHDAY!!! It's a Double Taurus Birthday Party with Queer Rebels (Celeste).


Raffle benefiting Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance, part of the National Queer Arts Festival in June. Check out: AND

Drinks poured by the lovely and talented Shari and Katie Duck


all the best booty jamz, babes, n dance moves on the floor. tell yr friends!!!

GWYA: Ships in the Night is always a Queer Extravaganza of Booty Shaking, Drip Sweating, Dark Grinding, Lips Kissing, Babeness! Wear your best dancing shoes cause you are going to need them. Fly Queer Babes, Fresh Beats, and endless oppurtunities <3<3<3

Tuesgay May 17, 2011

It's Tuesgay and the weather is a little Grey. But don't worry friends 'cause DJ BootyKlap has made you a mix to brighten any rainy day! Turn the volume up!!!

Dat Super Bass by BootyKlap

Wednesgay May 18, 2011


Public Works SF
San Francisco, CA

limited discount pre-sales available here:

LIGHT ASYLUM (mexican summer records)
the brainchild of singer/ song writer, multinstrumentalist, and dj Shannon Funchess, who has laid down vocals for everyone from TV ON THE RADIO to CHK CHK CHK (!!!)...
the music is dark, minimal, and absolutely uh-mazing... Shannon's voice is hauntingly moving and engaging, and her presence; awe inspiring.
if you checked out their show when we brought them to 120 MINUTES ( last summer, then you already know that... if you don't know you best get on this shit.

WATER BORDERS (tri angle records)



GWYA: This show is going to be E P I C ! Get your best Goth looks together friends and let's dance the night away to Light Asylum. Queer Goth Magic <3<3<3

Mary Go Round KYLIE MINOGUE Tribute Show!

3600 16th Street
San Francisco, California

The newly re-vamped, hot as a Georgia pavement in August, Drag show may be known for serving the best of the best Drag entertainment; but it is not known for themed Drag shows. The Mary Go Round performers are elite, exciting and exquisite. Every week is chock full of quality performances, but in the nearly 2 1/2 years MGR has been at Lookout, there's only been a small handful themed weeks.
...But every now and then an opportuni...ty arises that truly warrants a theme that reflects the talents of these star performers.This week is one of them. Much like themed weeks at MGR, Kylie Minogue's US tours are few and far between. This week the ladies of MGR express their adoration for this pint-sized Impossible Princess from down under!

Mary Go Round Kylie Minogue tribute show starring:
Suppositori Spelling - your hostess
Miss Rahni
Becky Motorlodge
PrimaDonna Reed
Charisma Glitteratti
plus surprise special guests

DJ Derek B spins before and after the show.

The show starts promptly at 10:30 and will take you on a journey Light Years away. Enjoy $5 Stoli cocktails all night from your friendly and sexy bartenders.

Only $5 to get in.

Wowowowowowow! This show you won't be able to Get Out of Your Head!

GWYA: Well Queens, we all know Kylie will be in town very soon to perform yet another E P I C performance for our viewing and auditory pleasures <3 Let's practice our lyrics together at Mary Go Round. Fierce Queens. Stiff Drinks. And a lot of Kylie <3<3<3

May 13, 2011

Saturgay May 14, 2011


2183 Mission Street,
San Francisco, CA 94110

Face down, azz up, that's the way we like to…well, you know the rest...

Jiggles and Bootyklap are spreading The Party Hole open again May 14th at Sub-mission. This is BootyKlap's birthday month and he would like nothing more than to see a sea of scantly cladded asses on the dance floor! Strap on your favorite booty shorts, hot pants, daisy dukes and twerk your cheeks to some heavy bass from here and there, then and now.

Again we will have sexxxy videos on the big screen for slutty inspiration and sweet treats for tantalizing stimulation.

We can't wait to see y'all sexy muthas turn it out!

GWYA: OMGay! Party Hole is back for another F A B U L O U S Edition! This underground party is said to be one of the HOTTEST SWEATEST dance parties in all of San Francisco! Stiff Drinks. Queer Babes. And some of the best booty bouncing music E V E R !!! So be there <3<3

May 12, 2011

May Dance Babes

San Francisco is a M E C C A of H O T D A N C E B A B E S ! This month I've decided to honor two Dance Babes that are E X C E P T I O N A L dancing divas with smiles that can melt anyone's I C E C R E A M C O N E ! ! Without further ado this month's D A N C E B A B E S are Rachel and Harris ! !

I had the opportunity and pleasure to interview these dance babes, and here is what they had to say <3


GWYA: What's you sign?
RN: I am a lion. Have you seen my mane lately?

GWYA: Favorite place to eat a burrito?
RA: I know I'm not answering this properly, BUT - on my balcony with a six pack!

GWYA: Are you dating anyone currently?
RN: I am currently a chaste little princess: no dating = zen Rachel.

GWYA: Biggest turn on?
RA: Rejection by love interest, followed by a dizzyingly passionate chase which includes withholding of sexual favors, followed by a sham date which is ultimately the excuse to get it on. Upon completion the cycle must be renewed with a new love interest who understands that rejection is the biggest turn on. Now the answer to the last question may make more sense.

GWYA: What is your favorite song to dance to?
RA: "Cherry Oh Baby" by UB40! Having said that, if you give me a beat, a spliff, and some whiskey I will happily dance my heart out to anything!.

GWYA: If you were on a deserted island and only could bring one thing, what would that one thing be?


GWYA: What's your sign?
HK: I'm an Aquarius-Capricorn cusp, though "technically" I tend to fall more towards Aquarius depending on who you ask.

GWYA: Favorite place to eat a burrito?
HK: This is tough, but I think I'll go with El Metate, which is right near my house! I'm a vegetarian so I like the places that have fresh veggies or tofu or something special. I also love CancĂșn, Papalote, and Mariachi's (though I am devastated that it closed!).

GWYA: Are you dating anyone currently?
HK: No, but applications from babes are strongly encouraged.

GWYA: Biggest turn on?
HK: I'm going for a trifecta: smarts, good politics, and a creative sensibility. Oh, maybe it's a quadrifecta because making me laugh and laughing at my jokes are kind of a must too. Bonus points given for cute looks, but I cast that net widely.

GWYA: What is your favorite song to dance to?
HK: All time: "Crazy in Love," by Beyonce with Jay-Z. When it came out, I had it played every hour on the hour at my birthday party!
Currently: "Emotions" by Mariah Carey, but only because I like to try to hit the high notes.
Hard French: "Rock Me Again and Again" by Lyn Collins. Sexy, fun, and summertime.

GWYA: If you were on a deserted island and only could bring one thing, what would that one thing be?
HK: I'm awful at these questions. A bagel?

May 10, 2011

Frigay May 14, 2011


The Stud
399 9th St
San Francisco, CA 94103-3831

dj donwn-E, Glamamore and VivvyAnne ForeverMORE!

A night of southerness and sexiness with very special guest


TRY SOME THING hosted by Lil Miss Hot Mess at 10pm
featuring for their firt times up in drags or on our stage:

* Kathleen Kahlo
* Anatacia Boucher
* Charity Buckets
* Samantha Clever

does an entire set!


VivvyAnne ForeverMORE!
Phatima Rude
Miss Rahni
Lil Miss Hot Mess

with guest dj Coat Check

GWYA: Ok, this party is going to be absolutely Fabulous! Christeene Vale is doing an entire set! Something Magical is going to happen this Frigay night at the Stud. Don't be the Queen who missed it. Epic Drag Queens, Gaymazing Performances, and some of SF most beautiful Queers <3<3<3

SISSY STRUT: Queer Soul & Oldies

424 Haight St
San Francisco, California

Friday, May 13th

~~~Sissy Strut~~~
queer dance party

with DJ's Lil MC, Katie Duck, Ponyboy and Durt
playing the best soul, oldies, doo wop, R&B, and dance jams from the 50's, 60's and 70's!

benefit to send Katie Duck to Sweden to see their sweetie!


Come shake a tail feather!

The Handsome Young Men Crew

GWYA: This party is going to be HELLA CUTE! Come out on Frigay night and groove to some old school jams. Cute Queers making you move & shake in the Lower Haight <3<3<3

Wednesday May 11, 2011


The Powerhouse
1347 Folsom
San Francisco, CA

Dear Friends,

This month the Bright Young Gentlemen's Adventuring to come together and celebrate the admission into the Union of that most gentlemanly of states, Minnesota.

Minnesota; land of good manners and 10,000 lakes, and homeland of our very own Gentleman Opdahl, is turning 153(!!!) and we will celebrating with an evening of respecting our elders, flannel clad go-go boys, and home-made hotdish.

Flier byt the fabulous Felix d'Eon.

GWYA: I don't know if it is the dark back alley, or the porn on the ceiling. Oh! always proves to be a fabulous night. Come out and pay homage to your Elders <3<3<3

Tuesgay May 10, 2011




with your priestiesse

special guest
(Chances, CHICAGO)
"Chances functions as an attempt to bring together the factionalized LGBTIQ communities, cliques, or otherwise grouped-apart queers of Chicago." (

door guide

bar maids


10PM, $2, 21+

GWYA: High Fantasy will take your breath away. In the midst of the magical Tenderloin: Avant-Gard Fashion, the Sexiest Queers, the Stiffest Drinks, and the Sweetest Sounds your ears will ever hear <3<3<3

May 6, 2011

Sungay March 8, 2011


Million Fishes Art Collective
23rd and Bryant
San Francisco, California

Artfag Potluck is a once a month potluck where creative folks gather to eat, socialize, present art work and get feedback.

The Million Fishes Collective has opened their home to us. ArtFag has always been a free event and will remain so, but to defray the costs of hosting, please consider a small do...nation to the Million Fishes Collective. Donations will be accepted at the event. Thanks.

Harold Burns will facilitate feedback sessions with an abbreviated version of the Critical Response Process. Find out more about it here:

Macklin Kowal
Chrysalis Hyon with Wolfgang Heinl

* * * * * * * * * *
*Macklin Kowal is a performer and performance maker based in his native San Francisco. His work interrogates the performing body as a site of struggle and negotiation between constraint and freedom, between consciousness and oblivion, between embedded wisdom and perpetual naivete. Central to Kowal’s creative research are synthesis and discord of energy and of presence in communal rituals of recollection, actualization, and projection. Often referencing canonical works of popular culture, his work aims to subvert devices of nostalgia to insist on questions pertinent to the experiences of contemporary queer artists and communities. Kowal has been actively engaged as a dance maker/performer in San Francisco since 2010. His work has been presented by the Home Theater Festival, the Garage’s AIRSpace Residency Program, Zero Performance & THEOFFCENTER’s Too Much! A Queer Performance Marathon, among others. For more information, visit

*Chrysalis Hyon with Wolfgang Heinle

Chrysalis bio: After a long hiatus away, Chrysalis has returned to the Bay Area for just over two years, and during her time here has been studying Butoh informally in various venues. She has been performing in small salons and Barebones Butoh showcases since early 2010. Her interest is to explore in particular, distorted and focussed versions of masculine/feminine personas and energies.

Wolfgang, TG, studying Butoh since about 2001 in SF, Berlin and NYC, performing since 2004 with Tamanos, in short solo works at BareBones, and in various collaborations all over.

"Handless Maiden" (inspired by a folk tale with this title) expresses the unconscious pursuit and engagement of distorted masculine power along with the subsequent betrayal and disengagement of the inner feminine. This 12-min piece offers a juxtaposition of "gender sketch personas,' with Chrysalis channeling various masculine personas, and Wolfgang the feminine.

The piece utilises aesthetics and techniques from Butoh along with a visceral music soundscape.

GWYA: Are you looking for some G A Y C U L T U R E ! Ok, maybe your looking for some ArtFags. Go to Million fishes this Sungay and you will find both Gay Culture and ArtFags. Potluck, Hot Art Mos, and Booze! <3<3<3