Oct 4, 2011


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Sep 14, 2011

Sungay September 25, 2011

Hard French Hit Me! Folsom Block Party

Outside of Public Works on Erie Street at Deviants 2011
161 Erie St.
San Francisco, CA

That's right we said BLOCK party! Hard French is gearing up for what promises to be one hell of an event. We're taking it to the streets on one of the funnest days of the year and we're being joined by super fun special guests MIRACLES CLUB.

As part of Deviants: the official Folsom Street Closing Party. We are joining forces with Honey Soundsystem, Some Thing and Folsom Street Events to bring you a bat shit crazy twelve hour...s of naughty, dancey fun.

DJ Carnita and DJ Brown Amy
playing 60s girl groups, early 70s soulful funk, boogaloo, garage and northern soul stompers

Hard French Jiggalicious Dance Babes
our dance crew shakin it down and makin you move

Confessional booth and photos by resident photographer and Queer porn director, Courtney Trouble.

Sunday 9/25 at 3pm Happy Hour, 4pm hardcore dancing.
Outside under the sun followed by more fucking fun inside the club after dark.

Stop by Room 4 in the Mission (Valencia and 20th) for $20 tix and NO SERVICE FEES!
use code HF11 for $5 off the ticket price!

check out the other DEVIANTS party invites! Your ticket gets you ALL of this:

DEVIANTS/Folsom Invite

Honey Soundsystem Main Room Invite

SomeThing Invite

Tie Me Up Tie Me Down: the Upstairs Loft at DEVIANTS

GWYA: Hard French mos def knows how to throw a party of E P I C proportions! A Hard French day time block party, Honey Soundsystem, SomeThing, and Tie Me Down (a sexy dungeon)! 12hrs of DEVIANCE! <3<3<3

Saturgay September 14, 2011


The Hot Spot
1414 Market Street
San Francisco, CA

Folsom Street Fair weekend.

Fetish Gear, Leather, Lace, Mesh, Rope & Velvet encouraged.

... Nezzy Idy is a preternatural darkwave act with an analog sound and libertine sensibilities. An undertaking by Emit Idy with other 'hidden' beings, Nezzy Idy mixes equal parts electro, industrial, and minimal synth, in an alchemical mixture designed to induce unorthodox convulsions on the dance floor. www.nezzyidy.com

Plus C.love dusting off the VINYL for what I am sure will be a fantastic opening set. C.love has dj'd in Berlin, Paris, LA and SF at spots like the Bordel Des Arts, 222 hyde, Supper Club, Project One, Bar 25, Riezencentrum, Le Circle and Panic Room.

Your resident Dark Room DJ, Le Perv keeps you dancing til 2.

DARK DRAG by the GRANDMOTHER OF UNDERGROUND - PHATIMA, with a NOT TO MISS performance of "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips staring Phatima, Lady Bear & Aurora Switchblade! Go ahead, GAG!!!

Our party blends vintage (& new) DARK electro, Punk, Gothic, Industrial, and more with special guest DJs, live performances and bands.

Josh Runyon will be on hand to show you his handy work with a rope.

GoGo FREAKS - Kelly Lovemonster & Aurora Switchblade.

$5 Dollar Cover & Martin will strip you at the door
$2 PBR & $3 Jameson Shots (or with Ginger Ale)
FREE WHISKEY SHOT BEFORE 11 & Free CDS of Dark Room Traxxx for the first 25 guests.

Visuals & Custom Video Installments by your hosts.
XXX, Your Hosts - Le Perv, Faux King Awesome, Phatima & Lady Bear

Floor Whores - Josh Runyon & Ted Trees

Thank you all for making our party the best QUEER UNDERGROUND DANCE PARTY in SF.

GWYA: It's time for some more Queer Goth Realness. Dark Room is easily becoming SF's darkest an sexiest underground party. Aurora and I will be working out some F I E R C E G O T H looks. Dark queens, stiff drinks, and some of the most fantastic industrial, punk, and electro you've heard in a minute <3<3<3

Sungay September 18, 2011


El Rio
3158 Mission St (@Cesar Chavez),
San Francisco, CA
$8/$6 Early Bird Special from 3-4

Hostessing by Heklina & DJ Carnita (Hard French)
Turntabling by Stanley Frank (Vienetta Discotheque)
Delicious Guest DJs: Joshua J (Booty Call) & Pinky Ring (Trannyshack)

Just when you thought it was safe to stay in on Sundays...

Sharpen up those #2 pencils, grab your hottest pinkest unicorn laden Lisa Frank binder, slip on your skimpiest school girl skirt, pack a brown bag chicken and waffles lunch and get ready to go back to school with DAYTIME REALNESS

Hostessing by Heklina & DJ Carnita (Hard French)
Turntabling by Stanley Frank (Vienetta Discotheque)
Delicious Guest DJs: Joshua J (Booty Call) & Pinky Ring (Trannyshack)

Featuring Daylit Performances on the Patio by:
Johnny Kat
Holy McGrail
Ethel Merman
Cassandra Cass

With booty poppin' on-stage installations by the Jiggalicious Dance Babes, spectacular queer unicorns radianting light love and oozing sweaty realness.

Daytime Realness Is: Burt Reynold’s Mustache, Three's Company, Roller Skates, Astroturf, Kiddie Pools, Technicolor Jello Molds, Artificial House Plants, High Waistlines, Cuckoo Clocks, Floral Print Bathrooms, Shag Carpeting, Cabana Boys, Shrimp Cocktails, Harvey Wallbangers, Muppets in Bikinis, Pink Flamingos, Hawaiian Tropics, White Loafers, A SUNDAY YOU CANT REMEMBER & WILL NEVER FORGET

Chicken & Waffles c/o Angry Man Eats only $5!
AngryManEats serves the most badass chicken & waffles you’ve ever had. Boneless, skinless chicken breast is battered & fried then served over a caramelized brioche-style waffle with your choice (and in any combination!) of housemade caramel, dark maple syrup, hot sauce, and powdered sugar.

Daytime Realness is a new party on the patio at El Rio every third Sunday afternoon from 3-8pm.

For those who missed last month check out this GAYMAZING video of Honey Mahogany enrapturing the Daytime Realness crowd with her acapella version of Adele's Rolling in the Deep

GWYA: Omgay! It's time for another addition of Daytime Realness! This month's theme is Back to School. And to celebrate I'll be giving y'all some serious Jock Realness! So put on your cheerleader uniform, nerdy glasses, and suspenders and let's dance it out with some of the fiercest drag queens in SF! SUN FILLED PATIO, HELLA QUEER BABES, and BOOTY BOUNCING MUSIC <3<3<3

Aug 27, 2011

Thursgay September 8, 2011


El Rio
3158 Mission Street
San Francisco

A benefit for [SSEX BBOX] web series and [SSEXBBOX] Magazine!


8PM - 1AM - DONATIONS $3 TO $10

DJ BootyKlap (Party Hole)
DJ Stenny McNasty


El Rio - 3158 Mission Street - San Francisco


GWYA: [SSEXBBOX] Magazine is a new queer quarterly! It includes moving stories and gaymazing imagery from the queer community about the queer community. Come out have a drink, watch the performance, dance to some sexy beats, and support the hottest new print magazine <3<3<3

Saturgay September 3, 2011


El Rio
3158 Mission St.
September 3rd, 2pm - 8pm
$7 – dancing and cruising
3pm – 4pm: $1 beers
3pm – 5pm: free BBQ until its all gone!

a saturday afternoon soul music dance party

We know you work hard all week (and weekend) and this Labor Day we want to help you blow off some steam in the best way we know how -- DANCING! This Labor Day Saturday spend the afternoon with us on the patio and join us for a dance contest of epic proportions! There will be celebrity judges, prizes including $100 cash and tickets to Dev...iants 2011 -- our official Folsom Street Block Party (deets below) and sweat-inducing soul shaking competitive dance moves!

**THIS JUST IN! Our celebrity Dance Contest judges will be none other than ++Kelly Lovemonster++, lead Hard French Jiggalicious Dance Babe and Hard French Winter Ball King, ++Lil Miss Hot Mess++, bedazzling queen about town and winner of the first Tiara Sensation Pageant AND ++John Avalos++, San Francisco Supervisor and candidate to become the next (and best looking) Mayor of San Francisco**

yr Hard French DJs:
DJ Carnita & DJ Brown Amy
playing the 60s girl groups, early ’70s soulful funk, boogaloo, garage & Northern Soul stompers

special guest:
DJ Nitty Gritty (SEATTLE)
Nitty Gritty is one of two resident DJs at Sophisticated Mama on Seattle's Capitol Hill he plays rare and popular soul from the 60's and early 70's

w/ the Hard French Jiggalicious Dance Babes
"Babes shakin it down and making you move."

As Always:
**FRITO BOATS** (starting at 5pm)
GinO recreates a childhood snack bar treat & turns it into a masterpiece of gourmet, homemade tasty vegetarian chili, piled high atop your own bag of FritO’s, smothered in cheese & chopped onions–served with a spoon & love!

**Hard French Photo Booth** (starting at 6pm)
This month's $1 photobooth will benefit [SSEX BBOX] Magazine with guest photographer: Shot In The City!
[SSEX BBOX] Magazine is a tool for exploring sex, sexuality, and gender through through print! By allowing people to talk candidly through [SSEX BBOX] we will expose taboos while normalizing fetishes allowing us all to have richer healthier dynamics around Sex outside the Box.


4hrs+ Open Air Dirty Block Party // 7hrs+ Two Floor Danceparty

The Official Closing Party of Folsom Street Fair returns. And, this year, we're throwing a BLOCK PARTY after the Fair! Even better, Folsom Street Events is teaming up with Honey Soundsystem, SOME THING, and Hard French to throw four simultaneous parties in one. With tickets starting at only $15, you have to be there!

Hard French will be hosting the party on the street outside with a classic soul sound, a live performance from Miracles Club and the Jiggalicious Dance Babes in full effect. Yes, we're closing down the whole block! Inside, SOME THING will be featuring some unspeakably sexy and bizarre drag performances, with Glamamore, VivvyAnne ForeverMORE!, DIAmanda Kallas, Mona G Hawd, Suppositori Spelling and Hoku Mama Swamp. Honey Soundsystem will be rockin' your body with a full line-up of resident DJs a live performance from Hard Ton and guests Dabecy in the main room. Upstairs in the odd-job make-out loft, Dr. Sleep, Beyonda (Portland, OR), Kim Anh (Booby Trap/LA), and Bunny & davO give you some full release to bounce your asses and tits.

Get your tickets at www.folsomstreetevents.org/shop NOW!
Tickets are $15 (advance / SOLD OUT), $20 (general/retail), or $30 (at the door). It's THE place to be after Folsom Street Fair!


GWYA: I mean, where else are you going to spend the first Saturgay of every month (rhetorical.) And!!!! I'm going to be a guest judge for the sexiest Labor Day Dance Contest E V E R ! Queer Babes, Daytime Patio Realness, and a whole lot of S O U L ! <3<3<3

Frigay Septermber 2, 2011

GWYA: Tonight is one of those epic SF nights! Party Hole, Shame Spiral, and Something, in that order. Queers, Beers, and lots of shaking of the Rears. I'll see you on the dance floor <3<3<3

PARTY HOLE!!!!! ~Freaks From The Future~

2183 Mission St
San Francisco, CA
Sorry we haven't been in touch, but we know just how to make it up to you...

The Party Hole is spreading once again to pleasure your ears and your assess with the phatest beats in booty poppin' innovation. Brought to you courtesy of DJs Jiggles and BootyKlap:

Raunchy Hip Hop Beats
Steamy Tropical Bass
House, Moombahton
Sexxxy Slutty Queers!!!

Don't feel pressured to dress fancy. We're really hoping you'll take all your clothes off to be honest. If you wanna go all out, dress in your most futuristic and freaky attire. Let the flyer image be your guide...

Remember: what happens in the Party Hole stays in the Party Hole. No lights, no cameras, just a lot of action.

Shame Spiral

Public Works
Erie, off Mission between 14th & Duboce
San Francisco, CA

start shopping for new panties. sharpie-marker this shit on your calendar.

disco is fucking gay, so we're going for it.
and, let's face it, you will be so fucked up you won't know who's DJing anyway. but here's the line up:

JENNA (motherfuckingsexybitch) RIOT!
STANLEY (motherfuckingsexybitch) FRANK!
BUS STATION (motherfuckingsexybitch) JOHN!

SHAME mother-fucking SPIRAL.
your favorite cuddle-puddle of lezzies, gay boys, 3 beer queers, & that straight girl you've been trying to finger blast.

you know we don't do this one often,
so get ready to fucking rumble.

FRIDAY of Labor Day Weekend
Public Works
doors at 9ish
only $5 until 10:30


Kay Thanks Bye,
Aysha & Dana

[PS: I'M SINGLE thought you should know xxo, Aysha]

REMINDER: we're serious about the NO FUCKING PHOTOGRAPHS thing. no mobile uploads make this shit nasty like the 90's.


The Stud
399 9th St
San Francisco, CA 94103-3831
10:00pm -2:00am

Is it a boy or a girl? SOME THING gives birth on Sept 2nd in celebration of LABOR DAY. Get it? SOME THING in LABOR? A night about giving birth being pregnant and the Labor Party. UNIONIZE.

With our lovely cast who are pregnant with potential:

VivvyAnne ForeverMORE!
Coco Canal
Ambrosia Salad
Arora Switchblade
Sue Casa
Chairman Maonistat
Muta Chucka
Nikki Starr

with guest dj MISS POP!
and of course the ever present HAUTE GLOO!