May 25, 2011

Saturgay May 28, 2011


The Hot Spot
1414 Market Street
San Francisco, CA

Dark Room returns on 5.28 to take turns whipping, I mean beating, erggg... I mean giving FAUX KING some hot birthday spankins for his birthday.

Installment #5 features Phatima lubricating you from 10-11, and Le Perv sticking it to ya good. special guest DJ KIDDIE. KELLY LOVEMONSTER returns!

As always, the fuckin sexy Rusty Nails shows you who's boss
Vintage Punk, Gothic, Industrial, DARK electro and MORE...

In the works: DJ Fact 50, Moira Scar & Total Accomplishment booked for JULY

$2 PBR & $3 Jameson Shots (or with Ginger Ale)
Featuring "FREAKS" in the Cutters Lounge and
Show your love to Faux King at the door, he'll give you a custom DARK ROOM pin and possibly his number (she's a tramp)

Visuals & Custom Video Installments by your hosts.

GWYA: I don't know if you know, but I'm so witchhouse right now! This isn't a witchhouse party, but if you are into Goth, Punk Rocks, and Queers this party is for you <3<3<3 PS I'm making an extra sexy special appearance this night <3

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