May 25, 2011

Sungay May 29, 2011


1347 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94103-3830

Can you believe we been doing this for a year?

What else do you do on Memorial Day than hang out with your favorite non-specific animally metaphored mixed crowd of rock n rollers and boozers of all feather?

Chickenbear calls to all those who are not quite chickens though definitely not fully beared, are you a uni-lizard? a geccohare? a sluticorn?

Rock your early evening into night with the classic rock stylings of Dirty Knees, and gagggle and gape at the feral gogo contest, winner gets $100


GWYA: Where else can you be a uni-lizard?! This event celebrates any Queer individual whose gender identity is clearly a lot more complex then bear. Stiff drinks, porn on the ceiling and some person being tied up, hung, and then flogged! Sounds good to me <3<3<3

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