May 6, 2011

Sungay March 8, 2011


Million Fishes Art Collective
23rd and Bryant
San Francisco, California

Artfag Potluck is a once a month potluck where creative folks gather to eat, socialize, present art work and get feedback.

The Million Fishes Collective has opened their home to us. ArtFag has always been a free event and will remain so, but to defray the costs of hosting, please consider a small do...nation to the Million Fishes Collective. Donations will be accepted at the event. Thanks.

Harold Burns will facilitate feedback sessions with an abbreviated version of the Critical Response Process. Find out more about it here:

Macklin Kowal
Chrysalis Hyon with Wolfgang Heinl

* * * * * * * * * *
*Macklin Kowal is a performer and performance maker based in his native San Francisco. His work interrogates the performing body as a site of struggle and negotiation between constraint and freedom, between consciousness and oblivion, between embedded wisdom and perpetual naivete. Central to Kowal’s creative research are synthesis and discord of energy and of presence in communal rituals of recollection, actualization, and projection. Often referencing canonical works of popular culture, his work aims to subvert devices of nostalgia to insist on questions pertinent to the experiences of contemporary queer artists and communities. Kowal has been actively engaged as a dance maker/performer in San Francisco since 2010. His work has been presented by the Home Theater Festival, the Garage’s AIRSpace Residency Program, Zero Performance & THEOFFCENTER’s Too Much! A Queer Performance Marathon, among others. For more information, visit

*Chrysalis Hyon with Wolfgang Heinle

Chrysalis bio: After a long hiatus away, Chrysalis has returned to the Bay Area for just over two years, and during her time here has been studying Butoh informally in various venues. She has been performing in small salons and Barebones Butoh showcases since early 2010. Her interest is to explore in particular, distorted and focussed versions of masculine/feminine personas and energies.

Wolfgang, TG, studying Butoh since about 2001 in SF, Berlin and NYC, performing since 2004 with Tamanos, in short solo works at BareBones, and in various collaborations all over.

"Handless Maiden" (inspired by a folk tale with this title) expresses the unconscious pursuit and engagement of distorted masculine power along with the subsequent betrayal and disengagement of the inner feminine. This 12-min piece offers a juxtaposition of "gender sketch personas,' with Chrysalis channeling various masculine personas, and Wolfgang the feminine.

The piece utilises aesthetics and techniques from Butoh along with a visceral music soundscape.

GWYA: Are you looking for some G A Y C U L T U R E ! Ok, maybe your looking for some ArtFags. Go to Million fishes this Sungay and you will find both Gay Culture and ArtFags. Potluck, Hot Art Mos, and Booze! <3<3<3

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