Jul 26, 2011

Wednesgay August 10, 2011

Project One Gallery


curated by: Brooke Waterhouse and Mani Motarjemi

251 Rhode Island
(at 15th Street)
7 p.m.

A summer exhibit focusing on sexuality, courage, design and culture – a fashion salon.

Opening Reception: Wednesgay, August 10th. 7pm

August 10th – September 10th, 2011

Project One Gallery transforms into a modern-day salon, inviting avant guarde artists & designers to be entitled and courageous in their expression of culture, sexuality, and fashion. Through playful, provocative works, we celebrate our entitlement. This is the NEW age of entitlement. We deserve this, and we earned it too. So join us. Be brave. Be bold. Be brazen. Be Entitled.

It’s our right to make beautiful art.
It’s our right to make the world a better place.
It’s our right to take what we’ve earned and make it bigger, bolder, better, more beautiful.
It’s ours. And we’re entitled to share it. Now it’s yours.
We entitle you.

GWYA: Tonight the creatives will come together and participate in this beautiful salon of extraordinary art and culture. See you there. Art Queers, Magic, and the Moonlight <3<3<3

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