Jul 9, 2011

Frigay July 29, 2011

9th and Mission

Twice a year VivvyAnne ForeverMORE! brings together a bunch of solo performers and drag queens to create new and exciting theater worthy works.

This July 11 performers come together to make 10 group numbers and 5 solos in 1 hour. With athleticism, precision, and skill these queens restage and reconcieve pieces featured at SOME THING and Tiara Sensation, and come together to make all new works.

11 queens, 165 costume changes, 60 minutes.

What's gonna happen?

This show kicks off a 9 month fundraising effort to raise money to tour this show to Europe and the East Coast.


Starring: April Mei Joon, Diamanda Kallas, Elijah
Minnelli, Honey Mahogany, Honey McMoney, Loren
Robertson, Mona G. Hawd, Nikki Sixx Mile, Phatima,
Trixxie Carr, and VivvyAnne ForeverMORE!
an accompanying photoshow in the gallery
from July 1-July 31 (reception on July 30th)
featuring Cabure Bonugli, Eric Harvieux, and
Robbie Sweeny

for tickets go to www.counterpulse.org

GWYA: An event you do not want to miss! VivvyAnne ForeverMORE is curating WorkMORE! an epic drag performance show! If you want to experience culture, art, and magical queer energy come out to Counterpulse on July 29 and 30 for WorkMORE! <3<3<3

Mission United
Public Works SF
161 Erie Street
(off Mission between Duboce & 14th St.)

“A party celebrating all things Mission”

The Deals:
- $5 admission between 8-10:30pm with Facebook Event RSVP.
- FREE food samples and drink specials between 8-10pm
- FREE Tequila tasters while they last and $2 shots
- DRINK SPECIALS: $3 special cocktail (till 11pm) and $3 beer (till midnight)

Public Works presents it's second 8 hour event celebrating our melting-pot neighborhood, San Francisco’s Mission district. Cherry-picking some of the best in music, performance, art, fashion and food. Mission United brings the sights and sounds of our favorite hood under one roof.

In the main room curated by HARD FRENCH:
- Hard French DJs (Carnita & Brown Amy)
- Afrolicious with live percussionists
- 2 Men Will Move You (Primo & Jordan)
- Tres Lingerie [Live PA]
- Qumbia Qrew playing Queer Qumbia!

In the OddJob Room:
- Lights Down Low DJ's Sleazemore and Eli Glad
- Marco de la Vega (120 minutes)
- Shovelman
- Jonah and Christa Larrama

Trunk Show & Fashion Installation curated by Archetype Boutique
- Camile Bemer of Kucoon Designs
- Major Babe Alert: a Stay Gold Pop Up Shop
- Dear Mina
- Josie Adele
- Love and Keep
- Mission Statement Sf
- Sea Pony Couture
- Stone Pony Vintage
- Wood Thumb
- Venus Superstar

Tasty Food Selections from:
- Chile Lindo Empanadas
- Good Food Catering
- Taza


- SFSmiles & the Homeless Prenatal Program
- Dolores Street Community Services

Hosted by Mission Mission Blog

GWYA: OMGay! Frigay is shaping up to be a H E L L A c u t e night! Mission United is going to be HEAPS cool. Oh, and did I mention my gurls of Stay Gold are putting together a pop up shop MAJOR BABE ALERT! Beer, Soul Music, and Hand Picked Vintage Shopping <3<3<3

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