Apr 6, 2011

Wednesgay April13, 2011


3089 16th St
San Francisco

GWYA: A Queer Guerrilla Leather Bar! OMGay this is sure to be an interesting evening. So long story short SF Queer spaces are slowly disappearing, and like the saying goes: We're Queer We're Here Let's Party! Queers are reclaiming space, and we are starting with the Skylark! Hot Bears, Leather Chaps, and confused heterosexuals <3<3<3


The Powerhouse
1347 Folsom
San Francisco, CA

Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal; the trees hang heavy with fresh blossoms, and the Birthday of Brenden Shucart approaches. Thats right ladies and gentlemen, this April falls on the birthday of Brenden Shucart. And not just any birthday; this Wednesday April the 13th our own Brenden Shucart will be turning 30. And in celebration of this once in a life time event, all Aries (those souls lucky enough to be born between March 21 and April 19) get in free of cover. But even if you aren't an Aries, come to the party, give Brenden a spanking, and then buy him a shot!

Brenden Shucart Brenden Shucart BrendenShucart BrendenShucartBrendenShucartBRENDENSHUCART!!!!

You will be greeted at the door with humor and courtisy by

Kevin Cheeseman

A Springtime Symphony will be provided DJ's

Taco Tuesday (BYGAS)
Stanly Frank (Vienetta)

While your Tireless Hosts

Danimal Opdahl
Charles Hemphill

have their hands full with the Birthday Boy himself

Brenden Shucart

(who is bound to be very deep in his cups.)

Flier by the amazing Felix Deon (felixdeon.com)

"Spree, Jaunt, Skip-to-my-loo"

GWYA: If you are wondering where all of SF finest queer boys will be Wednesday April 13 it's the Powerhouse. This Aries Party is going to be blazing hot! See y'all in the back room <3<3<3

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