Apr 30, 2011

Sungay May 1, 2011


El Rio
3158 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA

Starting May 1st El Rio and DJ BootyKlap invite you to join their congregation at The Dance Church. Every Sunday head to the back patio for some scrumptious brunch, bloody mary, mimosa specials, iced vietnamese coffees, and a holy chorus of disco, house, soul, and funk music to groove to.

Each week will benefit a different organization that works to help sustain San Francisco’s queer and trans community.

5/1 - Benefit for Lyon-...Martin
5/8 - Benefit for Trans March
5/15 - Benefit for SF Pride @ Work, aka HAVOQ
5/22 - Benefit for CUAV
5/29 - Benefit for Dimensions Clinic

For the first and second Sundays in May, bring ingredients for your favorite Bloody Mary (we have a new super deadly mix). We are experimenting and want your feedback. Those who bring supplies get their drinks on the house, and if we choose your fabulous concoction, we want you to name it! We are creating a Bloody Mary Menu special just for Dance Church. Help Us!

Pancakes, waffles, eggs, greens, sausage, fried chicken and more donation based foods will be provided by Skamber Cita of Golden Roots, The Pancake Playhouse, and Lizzy Boelter of Hella Gay.

$3 - 5 donation cover. All donations over $3 will go toward the week’s benefiting organization.

Wearing a fabulous church hat is strongly encouraged! Keeping the space fragrance free is also strongly encouraged!

We can’t wait to have people come together in queer communion! Eat, dance, werk it out and support your community!

GWYA: This new party is going to be absolutely G A Y M A Z I N G ! You know you are going to drink your Sungay away anyway! Why not drink to a cause?! Mimosas! Bloody Marys! Queers! Soul! Funk! PANCAKES! Need I say more <3<3<3


The Holy Cow
1535 Folsom near 11th
San Francisco, CA

It's a dance around the maypole of disco lights and laser beams with your resident Honey Discaires.

What is Beltane? [via Comfort & Joy] :

Beltane is a traditional May Day celebration of fertility, renewal, awakening & new beginnings that heralds the arrival of summer.

At this time, life is renewing itself. Birds and animals are mating. In the fields, newly planted seeds are beginning to grow. We emerge from the darkness of winter and our eyes savor emerging natural abundance… rolling green hills, budding branches and tender shoots. Love is flowering. It is a traditional time for Handfastings (bonding couples together), and a time for couples to bless the crops and the earth by making love outside. This is a time to fertilize your dreams with action, and make a fresh start.

GWYA: If you have been wondering "Hey, where did all the cute hippie gay boys go this weekend?" They are all frolicing in the woods of BELTANE! But don't worry, Honey Soundsystem is going strong this Sungay with a May Gay Tribute. Sexy Queers, Earlicious Sounds, and a Cute Back Patio <3<3<3

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