Apr 8, 2011

Saturgay April 16, 2011



Thank you for giving me a mommy and a daddy who love me soooo much. Can you please bring me a big pink pony, and an industrial power drill, and a big bat and a cocker spaniel. And please tell all my friends to come to the CAT CLUB on SATURDAY APRIL 16th, at 10 PM to dance with me. Oh, and I been real good!

djs Carnita, Brown Amy and down-E

performances by Glamamore, VivvyAnne ForeverMORE, Alotta Boutte, Artist Malcolm Drake, Mercy Fuque and Mona G. Hawd!

and a photo booth by Cabure/Shot in the City

GWYA: What a line up! This Saturgay make sure to carry a sugar free rock star in your purse, cause you are going to need it gurl! If you want to know my top pick for Saturgay it's DEAR SWEET BABY JESUS! It's the newest creation of two of our favorite parties SOMETHING and HARD FRENCH! Come out and witness what happens when drag queens, soul music, gogo dancers, and the bays sexiest queers all pack into one room <3<3<3

The Powerhouse
1347 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA

BEATPIG - Juanita MORE! + Walter Gomez & Sidekick

This little piggy went to the disco!

It's safe to say that in six short months, BEATPIG has become a family affair. Leather, drag, fashion and club kin congregate every THIRD SATURDAY at the Powerhouse to celebrate all which makes SoMa and San Francisco without par!

Juanita can't wait to leave her mark all over your body. Sidekick is bound to set your ears on fire. Walter is ready to [fill in the blank]!

Treats, favors, S&M demos, looks, cheap booze, unbridled gogos and YOU!

Keep your eyes peeled, our website goes LIVE very, very soon!

$5 benefiting the Transgender Law Center

GWYA: I don't know if it's the porn built into the ceilings, or the sweaty bears roaming around, or the sexy queer hipsters wearing pig noses, or the dark back room, or the really stiff drinks, or the sexy gogo dancers... it just all equates for a really good time. Promise <3<3<3


399 9th Street & Harrison
San Francisco, CA

Can't get enough FRUITCAKE!

It's that time again! NOM NOM NOM!

Hosting & performing:

Dr. Sleep (Dial Up)
Nolita Selector
& McNasteez

GWYA: Is it me or does Fruitcake always have the hottest flyers! Fruitcake parties are a gaymazing night out. DJ Nolita Selector brings the fly gurl beats. The crowd of queers always bring their fiercest looks. And the photobooth captures it all for our viewing pleasure. <3<3<3

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