Aug 27, 2011

Frigay Septermber 2, 2011

GWYA: Tonight is one of those epic SF nights! Party Hole, Shame Spiral, and Something, in that order. Queers, Beers, and lots of shaking of the Rears. I'll see you on the dance floor <3<3<3

PARTY HOLE!!!!! ~Freaks From The Future~

2183 Mission St
San Francisco, CA
Sorry we haven't been in touch, but we know just how to make it up to you...

The Party Hole is spreading once again to pleasure your ears and your assess with the phatest beats in booty poppin' innovation. Brought to you courtesy of DJs Jiggles and BootyKlap:

Raunchy Hip Hop Beats
Steamy Tropical Bass
House, Moombahton
Sexxxy Slutty Queers!!!

Don't feel pressured to dress fancy. We're really hoping you'll take all your clothes off to be honest. If you wanna go all out, dress in your most futuristic and freaky attire. Let the flyer image be your guide...

Remember: what happens in the Party Hole stays in the Party Hole. No lights, no cameras, just a lot of action.

Shame Spiral

Public Works
Erie, off Mission between 14th & Duboce
San Francisco, CA

start shopping for new panties. sharpie-marker this shit on your calendar.

disco is fucking gay, so we're going for it.
and, let's face it, you will be so fucked up you won't know who's DJing anyway. but here's the line up:

JENNA (motherfuckingsexybitch) RIOT!
STANLEY (motherfuckingsexybitch) FRANK!
BUS STATION (motherfuckingsexybitch) JOHN!

SHAME mother-fucking SPIRAL.
your favorite cuddle-puddle of lezzies, gay boys, 3 beer queers, & that straight girl you've been trying to finger blast.

you know we don't do this one often,
so get ready to fucking rumble.

FRIDAY of Labor Day Weekend
Public Works
doors at 9ish
only $5 until 10:30


Kay Thanks Bye,
Aysha & Dana

[PS: I'M SINGLE thought you should know xxo, Aysha]

REMINDER: we're serious about the NO FUCKING PHOTOGRAPHS thing. no mobile uploads make this shit nasty like the 90's.


The Stud
399 9th St
San Francisco, CA 94103-3831
10:00pm -2:00am

Is it a boy or a girl? SOME THING gives birth on Sept 2nd in celebration of LABOR DAY. Get it? SOME THING in LABOR? A night about giving birth being pregnant and the Labor Party. UNIONIZE.

With our lovely cast who are pregnant with potential:

VivvyAnne ForeverMORE!
Coco Canal
Ambrosia Salad
Arora Switchblade
Sue Casa
Chairman Maonistat
Muta Chucka
Nikki Starr

with guest dj MISS POP!
and of course the ever present HAUTE GLOO!

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