Aug 16, 2011

Frigay August 20, 2011


Baby you are on FIRE! We are jumping on the Burning Man bandwagon with SOME THING on FIRE! A night of pyromania, playa dust, and flames on the side of my face, heaving, seething......

With our Lovely cast:

VivvyAnne ForeverMORE!
Dam Witch and the Coven
Artist Malcom Drake
Phatima Unclear
GIna LaDavina
DIAmanda Kallas

and the return of
Nikki Star

with guest dj chelsea starr and your favorite dj down-E

and the ever present Haute Gloo

GWYA: Start off your weekend with the HOTTEST party in town! Do you like how I'm driving this theme home? Anyway, it's Frigay night. You want to cruise some babes. Head to the Stud. I p r o m i s e you'll meet someone. Drag Queens, Bottoms, and a night you are sure to forget (b l a c k o u t) <3<3<3

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