Jun 18, 2011

Saturgay June 25, 2011

[SSEX BBOX] Magazine

This G A Y M A Z I N G New Queer Quarterly Magazine just came out of the closet. And I'm not just saying it's G A Y M A Z I N G because I had a hand in the editing, writing, and the manifestation of this magazine. OK, maybe I'm a little bit biasis. [SSEX BBOX] Magazine uses photography, personal narrative, interviews, and much more to explore ideas beyond our binary understandings of gender, sexuality, and relationships. Join me in taking sexuality outside of the box.

The beautiful team that is [SSEX BBOX] will be selling Issue 1. Genderly Phrased today from 2pm-6pm at Dolores Park Cafe, on the corner of 18th and Dolores. Come by! Say hi! and take a look at what all the BABES are talking about.

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